Each type of skin has its particularities, but if we want to talk about a particular type of skin that is “somewhat complicated” to care for and treat, we would undoubtedly talk about combination skin.

Does that make it difficult or impossible to treat? Not at all.

We share here some tips to take care of your skin in case your skin is combination type . Nothing complicated. It is only necessary to keep in mind its characteristics.

Daily cleaning

It is recommended to cleanse your face twice a day , once in the morning and once at night.

To do this, we recommend that you use special gels and stay away from soaps.

We especially recommend our Samadhi Gel , which is made without soaps and only formulated with mineral and floral essences, protecting the protective mantle of your skin and balancing your PH.

makeup remover gel

Also, and very important, do your daily cleaning with warm water.


Avoid products that dry out your skin

Very much in line with the previous section.

It is easy to make the mistake and use very aggressive products on our skin seeking to eliminate dirt and excess sebum. This can cause us to eliminate that protective mantle that is so vital and important for the health of our skin and destroy our PH balance.

As we told you before, using a Gel like our G el Samadhi - Makeup Remover, Anti-Stress Bath and Shower , may be ideal for you.


Choose specific products for oily or combination skin

A very common mistake is to choose creams for normal or dry skin, due to their high level of hydration, but combination or oily skin does not have that problem, so the only thing we achieve is over-hydrating our skin, and that would be making us a disservice. The important thing is to achieve an adequate balance and optimal hydration and protection.

Therefore, by choosing an appropriate cream we can control excess sebum, unwanted shine and keep the PH of our skin balanced.

We especially recommend our Purifying Facial Cream for Oily and Combination Skin:

Combination skin facial cream

This purifying facial cream with Aloe Vera, Hazelnut Hammamelis and White Lily of Florence*; balances the oil level to reduce shine and mattify skin tone . While the antiseptic power of Lemon, Lemongrass and Zinc is responsible for eliminating the bacteria that cause pimples or blackheads . Calendula and Magnolia reduce inflammation and redness that is reflected in the skin.


You may also find it very interesting to enjoy our Rose Facial Tonic, which, thanks to its natural active ingredients, refines the pores, balances the PH and regenerates your PH.


Exfoliate correctly

Exfoliation is an activity that can also be practiced on combination to oily skin. It is best to opt for products free of acids and alcohol.

It is recommended to exfoliate 2 times a week, and the best time is at night.

Use makeup with a mattifying effect

As with the rest of cosmetics, combination skin should look for non-comedogenic and oil-free makeup to avoid clogging pores. This type of makeup usually has a mattifying finish , so it keeps shine at bay for longer.


And also take care of your diet


A great forgotten thing...but let's remember that we are what we eat, therefore, it is also very important to monitor our diet. Food is the source of all our nutrients, the origin of our health and well-being.

Hydrate yourself without fail and include the following foods in your diet:



green vegetables


Coconut water

Dark chocolate.

In conclusion, and regardless of the type of skin you have, whether dry, combination or oily, we will always recommend that you use 100% natural products, without artificial or toxic additives, and of course, we recommend that you maintain a lifestyle that Provide serenity, balance and connection with yourself and Nature.


Take care of yourself and pamper yourself.

Reconnect with Nature with Golden Pyramide.