Why was Sanadhi Gel the first product we launched at Golden Pyramide?

Since we decided to start our project, we had the healthy intention of helping people cleanse and balance their energy field, which we considered was very important to improve the mood, well-being and quality of life of people in their daily lives. .

We thought it would be ideal to create a bath gel that, in addition to cleansing the skin, eliminating sweat and balancing the PH, could also, due to its formulation, cleanse, regenerate and balance people's energy field and we got down to it. construction site. We decided to call it SAMADHI GEL , because in Sanskrit, one of the oldest known languages, SAMADHI means THE STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS THAT IS REACHED WHEN WE FEEL FULL, BALANCED AND PART OF THE WHOLE. Which was precisely the state we wanted to help promote with our new product.

Although we cannot see negative emotions with our eyes nor can we see negative thoughts, we all know that they exist and that they are responsible for turning off our light and making us feel bad. What good is it for us to go with a clean and perfumed physical body, with designer clothes, if we can't stand ourselves or others, because we feel bad ? That was the reason and motivation we had when launching our SAMADHI GEL on the market. Cleanse the body and other subtle bodies of the negative emotions and experiences that we have accumulated during the day, in order to enjoy complete well-being and a better state of mind.

Samadhi Gel

The challenge of creating a product that did not exist on the market , and with such an ambitious and positive proposal for results on an emotional and energetic level, kept us excited and working on formula research for several months, but the result was worth it. . We had it, a wonderful formula for our SAMADHI GEL, which in addition to being 100% natural, without active ingredients or soaps , is made with all plant extracts, essential oils, mineral essences and Bach flowers , which have the ability to CLEAN AND BALANCE people's energy field.

Time has shown us that we were right, and that our intuition did not fail when we opted for the creation of our SAMADHI BALANCING ANTI-STRESS CLEANSING GEL . Since its presentation on the market at the SALON LOOK in Madrid, it has been one of the best-selling products valued and recognized by all those people who have tried it and continue using it. It is a CLEANSING GEL that can be used by all people, men and women of all ages and children. Its complete natural formula has the ability to improve the appearance of the skin, helping to eliminate even small rashes or abnormalities.

Using it in the shower at night will help eliminate tension accumulated during the day, and help you have a better and deeper rest.