Ancient Egypt is renowned for its dedication and care towards beauty, and Cleopatra is undoubtedly the greatest exponent. Because talking about Beauty in ancient Egypt is inevitably talking about it.

Cleopatra implemented tricks into her beauty routines that ranged from makeup to masks with all kinds of ingredients.

The 10 tips according to the beauty ritual of ancient Egypt

  • Just as ice pieces are used today to keep the skin smooth, in the past pieces of beef were applied to keep the skin fine and clean.
  • Keeping her eyelids smooth was another of Cleopatra's obsessions. To do this, he boiled rose petals and applied the resulting water to his eyelids.
  • Finally, another option to avoid wrinkles was to create a cream by mixing sliced ​​cucumbers, whipped cream, olive oil and honey.
  • To color the eyebrows, burnt almonds were used. The color obtained from this process gave a natural tone to the skin and hair.
  • Extremely well known are the milk baths that Cleopatra took to stay young. All this thanks to the lactic acid that milk has and that hydrates the skin, keeping it soft. It is known that he also added ground gold to these baths.
  • Another product that served as an exfoliant is Dead Sea Salts.
  • Moringa Oil, used today in natural cosmetic products, was used to disguise and eliminate stretch marks.
  • The process to eliminate wrinkles involves the application of a mask based on olive, sesame and almond oil.
  • Moisturizing the skin with milk and honey masks was another option. All this due to the moisturizing properties that both products have.
  • For acne, one of the home remedies consisted of boiling a handful of pore and mixing the resulting water with goat milk and a little sugar. This natural exfoliant kept the skin clean.

Ancient Egypt beauty

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