Flower therapy for depression

Today, the pressures of daily life continually overwhelm us, depression and anxiety are very present, making us feel sadness, frustration and fear.

While it is true that the use of flower therapy should not replace other medical therapies , they are an effective and 100% safe and natural complement for our emotional stability, and by extension, our own physical and mental health.

Bach flowers act with their properties on disharmonized energy fields, providing them with the balance they need to return to harmony.

By selecting the appropriate Flowers, we can deal with those unpleasant sensations, such as sadness, apathy, lack of energy...

Bach flowers anxiety and depression remedy

Below we list the most suitable ones for your floral therapy against depression:

Bach flowers to treat depression

  • Gentian (Gentian) : For depression due to known causes, pessimism, dissatisfaction and discouragement. Gives self-confidence, encouragement and optimism.

  • Vervain (Verbena ) : For hyperactive people, with great impulsivity and excessive mental activity. Gives tolerance and moderation.

  • Mustard : For depressions that come and go for no apparent reason, causing passivity and deep sadness. It restores our spirit in life, confidence, joy, stability and tranquility.

  • Sweet chestnut : For moments of anguish, despair and deep depression. It helps to believe again, gives courage and confidence in life.

  • Agrimony (Agrimonia) : For those who suffer from anxiety and hide it. Brings peace and acceptance.

  • Impatiens (Impatience) : For people with tension due to impatience, which produces irritability, restlessness and anxiety. It gives us patience, peace and balance.

  • Red Chestnut : When we have excess worry and anxiety for loved ones. It helps us by providing calm.

  • Olive: When we feel overloaded by the stress of life and feel great physical and mental fatigue. It gives us energy and strengthens us.

How long do Bach flowers take to take effect?

There is no defined duration to take them. For specific emotions, a short time may be enough; For the most persistent, more time may be necessary, it is recommended to take them for at least 3 weeks .

Also, it is advisable to modify the mixtures and combinations . You can count on our advice for this or that of your usual Therapist.