Natural cosmetics in Bilbao
Golden Pyramid produces and markets natural, ecological and holistic cosmetic products in Bilbao for more than 20 years.
Our vision is to offer 100% Natural products and formulated from a vision holistic and natural of Beauty and personal care.
In our beginnings as a cosmetic brand, we began offering our cosmetics and therapeutic products to beauty and wellness professionals and, for a few years now, we have also offered them through our online store to people like you, who are looking to enjoy a natural cosmetics at home for your daily care.

Holistic Cosmetics in Bilbao

All our products are focused on producing maximum benefit and well-being in people, born from a holistic approach and inspired by ancient formulations, based on the use of medicinal plants, plant and mineral essences, in addition to Bach Flowers, which are a 100% Natural and effective complement for our Beauty, care and general well-being treatments.

100% Natural cosmetic products

Discover our Cosmetic Range and receive the best products in the comfort of your home in 24/48 hours:

Facial Cosmetics

Experience 100% Natural cosmetics, toxic-free and formulated to make you feel good.
Natural facial cosmetics

Body cosmetics

Our range of body products are formulated and designed based on ancestral recipes and updated for the 21st century woman.

Bilbao body cosmetics

Holistic Range
Discover the evolution of Natural Cosmetics. Formulations that include essential oils and Bach flowers specially designed to achieve the full benefit of people, both externally and internally.
Holistica Bilbao

Natural cosmetic products store in Bilbao

You have easy and convenient access to all our products thanks to our online service. We serve throughout Bilbao and you receive it at home or wherever you want in 24/48 hours.
It is comfortable, safe and fast.
animal respect
100% natural
Holistic Bilbao
Our cosmetics is 100% vegan : We only use ingredients of plant and mineral origin.
Our cosmetic is 100% natural : Free of toxins, petroleum derivatives, silicones or synthetic substances.
Our cosmetics is 100% sustainable : It does not contain waste that harms the environment nor does it generate waste in its manufacturing.
Our cosmetics are 100% free of animal abuse : We do not test on animals nor do we use active ingredients of animal origin.
Our cosmetics is 100% local : We manufacture our products in Spain and all our suppliers are local.