Learn about the ingredients of a 100% Natural and effective serum

Discover what a 100% Natural serum does to your skin and how

Today we are more aware than ever of the importance of staying healthy and balanced in a natural and ecological way. This includes the use of Natural cosmetics and one of the most interesting products is using a serum. Logically we must know what ingredients are used, how and why.

What does a 100% natural and effective serum do and what should it be like?

Mother Nature really knows her job. Over the centuries, nature has refined its formula to keep our skin with a youthful and vibrant glow. And we, at Golden Pyramide, have transferred all this ancestral wisdom, adding the most advanced techniques for its preparation.

One of the best 100% Natural serums on the market is without a doubt:

100% Natural serum

Total Energy Oil Golden Young Skin Regenerating Anti-Aging Serum

Do you know the benefits of offering a natural formulation without foreign chemicals on your skin?

If you are looking for a product that makes the most of nature's blessings, and you want to know more about its properties, keep reading:

Avocado and Rosehip Oil:


The Youth Formula . Our journey begins with avocado oil and rosehip oil , two shining stars in the sky of natural skin care ingredients. These two powerful allies are the foundation of what we consider the natural serum par excellence. They are famous for their high content of antioxidants and essential fatty acids , which work tirelessly to fight signs of aging and improve skin elasticity . But it doesn't end there, these ingredients also deeply nourish the skin, providing a feeling of hydration and unsurpassed softness.

Calendula and Evening Primrose:

The calendula

The Remedy for Sensitive Skin . Let's continue with calendula and evening primrose , two true miracles of nature. These ingredients are a true elixir for sensitive or reactive skin . Its charm lies in its calming properties and its ability to reduce irritation and balance the skin . If your skin tends to become red or inflamed, calendula and evening primrose will be your perfect accomplices.

Prickly Pear and Borage:


Source of Hydration and Renewal . Let's continue our journey with prickly pear and borage , two ingredients that are true sources of hydration. These two natural humectants provide your skin with the moisture it needs and encourage its renewal, combating problems such as dryness and peeling. And there's more: regular use helps keep skin glowing and fresh.

The Wonder of Argan and Tamanu:


Let's get to know argan and tamanu , two oils with amazing nutritional power. These oils not only deeply hydrate the skin , but also display their impressive regenerating and anti-aging power. Its continuous use significantly improves the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines, giving you a rejuvenated and renewed appearance.

The Charm of Geranium and Nerolí:


We cannot ignore geranium and neroli. These ingredients, in addition to giving the serum a heavenly aroma , have toning properties. They work by firming the skin and giving it a fresher and more youthful appearance. Its delicate fragrance also contributes to a skincare experience that is as effective as it is pleasant.

Jasmine, Myrrh and Rose:


Finally, we come to jasmine, myrrh and rose, the final Golden Clasp : These three gifts from nature provide a cocktail of vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids that give you soft, smooth, radiant and luminous skin from the first application.

We close the natural circle:

As you have seen, each of these natural ingredients has its own magic. They work as a team, complementing and enhancing each other, to offer you truly effective and natural skin care.

Total Regenerating Anti-Aging Serum

Total Regenerating Anti-Aging Serum

With 14 active and 100% Natural ingredients. Light, fast-absorbing oil with great anti-aging regenerating power.

Combats all signs of skin aging intensively on dry or very dry, mature and sensitive skin . Besides and stimulates the production of elastin and collagen.

Our anti-aging serum Penetrates deeply, stimulates cell regeneration and protects the skin , it has a bio-tensor effect and tissue regenerator .

Try it and enjoy a 100% Natural, effective serum that takes care of you and the planet.

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