What is Holistic Cosmetics?

Holistic Cosmetics is an evolution of Natural Cosmetics that, in addition to using 100% natural ingredients in its formulations , focuses on achieving the full benefit of people , both externally and internally.

What does holistic mean?

The term holistic comes from Greek and means the whole. It currently refers to the philosophy and practice of healing that has to do with constantly maintaining the entire body (i.e., physical, mental, and spiritual levels) at the highest level of total well-being . This concept is based on universal natural laws that establish that a whole is formed by the sum of all its parts and that the parts cannot function correctly if the whole does not function correctly . Or, put another way, if there is a problem with one of the parts, the whole is affected.

Holistic natural cosmetics

When it comes to skin care, Holistic Cosmetics understands that the skin cannot be treated as an entity separate from the entire body . The skin (the largest organ in the body, we must not forget) performs many functions, all in association with the vital internal organs or depending on their functions. While many manufacturers in the cosmetics industry consider natural skin care to be simply the practice of using non-invasive treatments and products that contain primarily natural and organic ingredients, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The concept of holistic care goes far beyond the skin if you want to achieve effective results .

Why does holistic cosmetics work?

Natural holistic cosmetics, as in traditional holistic healing modalities such as Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, consider a person's skin as a reflection of their inner health . These philosophies, as well as others such as homeopathy and naturopathy, affirm that skin diseases and problems such as rosacea, acne, seborrhea, eczema, keratosis pilaris, psoriasis, loss of collagen and elastin, etc. , begin within the body, such as the digestive tract, or due to other issues such as stress.

Therefore, simply treating the skin itself as a separate unit of the whole does not make sense, although it may produce short-term improvements . However, by not addressing the internal cause of the problem, true resolution will never occur. That's why there are so many cosmetics on the market that seem to give results, but they do so only while they are being used. Cosmetics that focus only on the consequences of the problem, so they are only able to mask it, providing a temporary solution.

How Holistic Cosmetics differs from Natural Cosmetics

Luckily we are changing as a society and we are increasingly committed to our health and that of our environment. We care more about leading a healthy lifestyle and we transfer that interest to our consumption habits. This interest has also been reflected in cosmetics and for years there has been a growing demand for products that use harmless ingredients with no impact on both us and the environment .
That need is what Natural Cosmetics covers, with the use of natural ingredients in its formulations, but that is where it stops. Exclusively in the use of ingredients of natural origin that usually have little or no impact on people and the planet.
Holistic Cosmetics , in addition to being natural, goes one step further because it considers that it is not enough to use natural ingredients. These ingredients must be used in the correct way to be effective. and they should focus on treating the entire problem and not just its external reflection on the skin .

The ingredients of holistic natural cosmetics

Holistic cosmetics are characterized by containing 100% natural ingredients using herbs , plant extracts , phytonutrients and antioxidants , essential oils and Bach flowers among others in their formulations.

Holistic cosmetics based on natural ingredients

They also incorporate nutrients that are known to benefit the skin, such as collagen , hyaluronic acid and antioxidants such as green tea , grape seed extract or vitamin C.

The holistic concept also requires that these ingredients be obtained responsibly since, once again, it cares about the whole from which they come. Therefore, in holistic cosmetics the ingredients are obtained from completely natural, organic, cruelty-free, wild-sourced, sustainably grown/processed and , almost entirely, vegan sources .

The concept of Holistic Natural Cosmetics by Golden Pyramide

At Golden Pyramide we have been distributing our natural holistic cosmetics among professionals in Beauty Centers and Spas for more than 22 years and we continue to defend, as on the first day, the idea that beauty comes from within .
All our products are 100% natural and of mineral or vegetable origin, which often leads us to use more expensive raw materials (as in the case of our hyaluronic acid of 100% vegetable origin, for example). Whenever we create a product we think about what benefits it will bring to people and we put all our efforts into the formulation to achieve it. That is our philosophy and we could not work any other way.

Golden Pyramide Holistic Range

Furthermore, in our product line, we specifically have a whole holistic range . Body moisturizing creams, mists and synergies formulated with high percentages of Bach Flower extracts, essential oils and mineral extracts . Each of the products that are part of our holistic range of natural cosmetics are formulated to achieve the full well-being of people, both physically and mentally.