Hyaluronic acid

It comes from plant fibers, derived from cellulose, fermented by microorganisms. It absorbs water from the atmosphere and deposits it on the epidermis, hydrating and preventing dehydration. The molecules deposited on the skin swell when absorbing water, (I have added this comma) and those that are in the valleys that form wrinkles fill them.


Spirulina, Laminaria and fucus anti-aging, detoxifying, oxygenating, diuretic; They help reduce inflammation and stimulate metabolism.

Sweet almonds (Oil)

Vegetable oil rich in vitamins B and D. Moisturizes, nourishes and improves water retention in the skin.

White clay

Remineralizes, detoxifies and regenerates. Recognized cleaning effect and against the proliferation of bacteria.

Red clay

Remineralizes, detoxifies and regenerates. High content of minerals with firming power.


Revolutionary active with anti-wrinkle effect that reduces the depth of expression lines on the forehead, brow and around the eyes and which until now were only treatable through aesthetic microinjections. It is the first and only cosmetic active ingredient of these characteristics on the market. After a month of application, twice a day, expression wrinkles are considerably reduced, while facial expression is rejuvenated, revealing a more rested and luminous complexion.


It forms an immediate and long-lasting viscoelastic tension film on the skin.


Powerful natural antioxidant and generator of endorphins, known as hormones of pleasure and happiness.


Promotes energy circulation. It gives exfoliating action to the preparation (Peeling effect) and enhances the action of the other active ingredients.

Own floral essences

We use Lily, Belladonna, Rose, Angelica, Cotton, Pomegranate, Magnolia. According to Dr. Bach's method: Star of Bethlehem, Helianthemum, Impatience, Beech, Willow, Oak, Larch, Holly, Water Violet.
They energetically reinforce the skin properties of the other ingredients and amplify positive energy, helping to balance your mood.


It has revitalizing properties thanks to its contribution to skin cells' ability to protect themselves against harmful environmental influences. This active ingredient reactivates cell renewal by stimulating cellular respiration.


They confer elasticity, flexibility and resistance to the skin. They also act as a smoothing agent, giving the skin a soft and smooth appearance.

Pea (Peptides)

Through a spectacular increase in cytokines (proteins responsible for intracellular communication); Pea peptides provide the essential energy for the activation, growth and development of stem cells, the cells responsible for creating new cells, and therefore, for the self-regeneration and repair of tissues. They activate the proliferation of fibroblasts and the production of collagen, while inhibiting the activity of collagenase (enzymes responsible for collagen breakdown). Thus creating new cells and protecting them, which counteracts the signs of aging and delays their future appearance.

Beech (Extract)

Known as plant collagen. Its main components are flavonoids, organic acids, tannins, and amino acids; that play a primary role in cellular metabolism.

Jasmine (Essential oil)

With a regenerating and revitalizing effect. Its fragrance is considered an aphrodisiac, relaxes and increases sensory sensitivity.

Indian Jasmine (Petal water and essential oil)

Very moisturizing, combats dryness, soothes sensitive skin and provides vitality to dull skin. Furthermore, its recognized aphrodisiac power inspires sensuality. It is attributed with sedative qualities, to calm anguish and bring joy to the spirit.

Milk (Protein)

Regenerates cells by stimulating the skin's own stem cells. They increase cell growth factors to activate the proliferation of dermal fibroblasts and young collagen.

22 karat gold

Fights stress, tightens and illuminates the skin. The use of gold in facial treatments has been known since the Ming dynasty, its doctors made preparations with gold to delay the aging process. During the application of the cosmetic treatment, the gold is fractionated into tiny particles that, thanks to their energetic charge, stimulate vital energy. Scientific studies show that gold balances the electrical properties of the body, giving remarkable well-being and providing internal balance. Gold renews and vitalizes, protects from environmental influences, increasing the skin's defenses and promoting its resistance.

Mineral pearlescent pigments

(MICA, TITANIUM DIOXIDE, IRON OXIDE) Mineral pigments, without additives, harmless, biodegradable and hypoallergenic. They reflect light throughout the skin causing a soft luminous effect.

Plankton (Extract)

Stimulates the natural synthesis of proteins essential for skin health, mainly: keratin, filaggrin, collagen and fibronectin. It induces, without forcing the body, the creation of the HSP70 protein (essential for the correct development of new cells) whose natural production is reduced by all types of stress. Protects and repairs DNA, repairing damage caused by age, oxidation and stress of all kinds and, especially, sun exposure. Strengthens and protects against future damage. It causes a shock of energy that stimulates the metabolism and activates skin cells. Those that are more permeable and receptive to the other nutrients contained in cosmetics.

Grapefruit (Seed Extract)

Purifies, prevents bacterial proliferation and acts as a natural preservative against the oxidation of the rest of the ingredients.

Pseudoalteromonas Antarctica NF3

A bacteria discovered at the bottom of a specific Antarctic glacier. Stimulates the increase of keratinocytes (skin protective cells) and the adhesion of fibroblasts (responsible for tissue creation). Increases the production of elastin (30%) and collagen (100%) in 2 weeks. Which prevents dryness of the skin, internally protects the epidermis from extreme climates and accelerates the healing of wounds and other skin imperfections or accidents.

Rosa centifolia from Türkiye and Bulgaria (Petal water and essential oil)

Regenerates, tones, reduces inflammation of sensitive skin, balances pH, combats dryness, purifies oily skin, has a tightening effect against wrinkles and signs of fatigue. It is given qualities to rebalance the mind, in addition to inspiring sensuality and joy in the spirit.

Rosehip (Oil)

The richest unaltered natural component in vitamin C. Also very rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, called essential fatty acids. A source of energy (necessary for cellular metabolism) that confers the elasticity and flexibility of every cell membrane, helping it to recover skin youth.


Amino acid necessary for proper fat metabolism, tissue growth, the immune system and essential for skin health. It notably improves the natural self-regeneration function of the skin, the formation of young collagen and the defense mechanisms against oxidation and external aggressions.

Sesame (Oil)

Sesame is native to India and East Africa, it has a very high percentage of essential oils that are very rich in oleic, linoleic, and linolenic acid. It also contains Sesamol, a natural antioxidant that provides Vitamin A and E among many other components. Beneficial in case of small rashes and other skin conditions.


Fundamental in collagen biosynthesis. Provides elasticity and reduces skin impurities.

Soy (Proteins and peptides)

Improves oxygen supply to skin cells. Very effective cell regenerator for skin treatment. They give a softer and satin texture to the skin.

Cassava (Hydrolyzed extract)

It has an immediate tightening, softening and anti-wrinkle effect. Very rich in B complex vitamins and vitamins A and C and a source of calcium, copper, manganese, potassium and phosphorus