Centaury - Centaura | Unwillingness


Strength, Self-esteem, Ability to say no

People who have a marked difficulty in saying no, and in setting limits. Little willpower.

EMOTIONAL PATTERN: People who are very influenced by external ideas and those of others.
The profile that Centaury deals with is that of a person who is excessively complacent with others, and who does not know how to say no.
People who cancel themselves, who renounce their own ideas, and have a great lack of self-esteem.

POSITIVE THOUGHTS FOR CENTAURY: And I can say no without losing the affection of others .

15 ml bottle with dropper | Strength and Self-esteem | Bach Flowers | Potency with exclusive combination of mineral essences | Suitable for vegans


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7 gotas tres veces al día 

En cada toma, mantener las 7 gotas durante 3 segundos bajo la lengua, para su mejor absorción.

Agua ionizada con: 

  • Infusión solar de Centaury
  • Vitis vinífera

Aqua (ionized*/ ionizada*), alcohol ( from grape / de uva), vitis vinifera. * Centaurium umbellatum  * Jamsonite