Cerato - Ceratostigma | Doubts, insecurity


Self-esteem and Self-confidence
It is the right remedy to treat insecurity and indecision. People who are not able to trust their own judgment.

EMOTIONAL PATTERN: Insecure and indecisive people, who find it difficult to make decisions. They need to connect with their Essence and their intuition.
The Cerato profile is the person who does not trust himself, does not listen to his inner voice, and looks to others for answers. He is not able to make his own decisions, he needs the advice of his loved ones and friends.
His constant state of doubt and contradiction leads him to experience periods of anxiety and disorientation that can lead to difficulty concentrating.

POSITIVE THINKING FOR CERATO: I am valuable and firm .

15 ml bottle with dropper | Self-esteem and Self-confidence | Bach Flowers | Potency with exclusive combination of mineral essences | Suitable for vegans


Combine as you like with our Bach Flowers, Synergies and Mineral Essences .

7 gotas tres veces al día 

En cada toma, mantener las 7 gotas durante 3 segundos bajo la lengua, para su mejor absorción.

Agua ionizada con: 

  • Infusión solar de Cerato
  • Vitis vinífera

Aqua (ionized*/ ionizada*), alcohol ( from grape / de uva), vitis vinifera. * Ceratostigma willmottiana * Jamsonite