Chicory - Chicory | Possessiveness and manipulation


unconditional love
It is the appropriate remedy for excessively possessive and selfish people, very focused on themselves.

EMOTIONAL PATTERN: Effective help to transcend feelings of loneliness, not feeling loved, emotional dependence, manipulation and feelings of self-pity.
Selfish people, who feel like victims and have a tendency to manipulate others.
People who feel like they have to blackmail others to receive their love and attention.
They are able to simulate illness or pain, to receive attention and affection.

POSITIVE THINKING FOR THE CHICORY PROFILE: I always receive all the love I need

15 ml bottle with dropper | Unconditional love | Bach Flowers | Potency with exclusive combination of mineral essences | Suitable for vegans


Combine as you like with our Bach Flowers, Synergies and Mineral Essences .

7 gotas tres veces al día 

En cada toma, mantener las 7 gotas durante 3 segundos bajo la lengua, para su mejor absorción.

Agua ionizada con: 

  • Infusión solar de Chicory
  • Vitis vinífera

Aqua (ionized*/ ionizada*), alcohol ( from grape / de uva), vitis vinifera. * Cichorium intybus  * Jamsonite