Impatiens - Impatience | Impatience, irritability


Patience and Seriousness
This remedy is of great help for impatient and nervous people, who get irritated and accelerated easily.

EMOTIONAL PATTERN: Effective help to transcend and improve nervousness, impatience, irritability. It helps to reflect, and calms, providing serenity and emotional well-being.
Another characteristic of this profile is the speed and number of things they usually do in a day. His agenda is always full of many activities. Hyperactivity.
They tend to get irritated because it seems to them that others are going too slow.

POSITIVE THINKING FOR IMPATIENS: I am respectful and value my own rhythm and that of others.

15 ml bottle with dropper | Patience and Seriousness | Bach Flowers | Potency with exclusive combination of mineral essences | Suitable for vegans


Combine as you like with our Bach Flowers, Synergies and Mineral Essences .

7 gotas tres veces al día 

En cada toma, mantener las 7 gotas durante 3 segundos bajo la lengua, para su mejor absorción.

Agua ionizada con: 

  • Infusión solar de Impatiens
  • Vitis vinífera

Aqua (ionized*/ ionizada*), alcohol ( from grape / de uva), vitis vinifera. * Impatiens glandulifera  * Jamsonite