White Chestnut - White Chestnut | Obsessive thoughts


Balance and peace of mind
This remedy is a powerful help for people who have obsessive and recurring thoughts, negative and torturous internal dialogue.

EMOTIONAL PATTERN: This remedy provides peace, tranquility and mental balance, a feeling of comfort and tranquility in the mind. General emotional well-being.

This profile usually gets stuck in the mistakes made and always circles around the same thing. This remedy is of great help to relieve and transcend obsessions of all kinds.

POSITIVE THINKING FOR WHITE CHESTNUT PROFILE: I am the constant peace and tranquility in my mind

15 ml bottle with dropper | Mental Peace and Balance | Bach Flowers | Potency with exclusive combination of mineral essences | Suitable for vegans


Combine as you like with our Bach Flowers, Synergies and Mineral Essences .

7 gotas tres veces al día 

En cada toma, mantener las 7 gotas durante 3 segundos bajo la lengua, para su mejor absorción.

Agua ionizada con: 

  • Infusión solar de White Chestnut  
  • Vitis vinífera

Aqua (ionized*/ ionizada*), alcohol ( from grape / de uva), vitis vinifera. * Aesculus hippocastanum  * Jamsonite