Our Natural Cosmetics and its Holistic approach

When we created Golden Pyramide Holistic Natural Cosmetics , we had the healthy intention of putting on the market a series of products that, in addition to taking care of the external appearance and quality of people's skin, had the ability to revitalize, regenerate and balance their skin. energy, since everyone knows today that energy imbalance in people is the main cause of stress, insomnia, anxiety and all the pathologies and symptoms associated with these imbalances.

Furthermore, we wanted it to be a Cosmetic that provided this balance and well-being naturally and without any side effects.

The connection of humans with the Kingdom of Nature

For this, it is important to know that human beings are connected to the entire Kingdom of Nature because we share the same energy that sustains everything that lives on this planet . It is important to know that all plants, vegetables and minerals contain valuable information for the Human Being in their energy pattern . Not only can we enjoy their shapes, color and smell, they also have healing and healing properties for both the physical, emotional and mental body . The ancient Pharmacopoeia is based entirely on the knowledge of the healing pattern of each of the plants, trees and bushes that exist on our planet, and their macerations, distilled infusions, fillings, etc. They have been used since ancient times to cure and alleviate people's illness and pain .

At the end of the last century, the prestigious Allopathic doctor Doctor Eduard Bach , thanks to his important and revealing discoveries, left us the legacy of his 38 Flower Remedies , the well-known Bach flowers, which balance and heal the 38 most frequent negative emotions that usually occur. destabilize human beings in their daily lives. Being the rediscoverer of Vibrational Therapy .

The 38 Bach Flowers

The 100% Holistic approach to our Natural Cosmetics

At Golden Pyramide , we are producers of Bach Flowers and Mineral Essences , and we know very well the regenerating, revitalizing and balancing properties of the Natural Kingdom. Both the energetic and healing properties of the flowers, as well as the regenerating and revitalizing properties of the minerals. It is for this reason that we decided to use them in all our formulations, both in our Facial Cosmetics and Body Cosmetics lines, as well as in the Therapeutic line .

Both our facial products , creams, serums, regenerating oils, tonics, eye contour, and our body care products, body milk Gold 22 kl. Anti-cellulite reducing Body Milk, like the body care range composed of 12 treatments that cover the care of tired legs, bust, detoxifying treatment, firming, slimming, etc., in addition to caring for and helping to improve the face and figure , they provide for its formulation rich in Bach flowers and mineral essences, an added bonus of balance and well-being that is enjoyed from its first application . All our products care for and balance our mood, increasing our daily energy and well-being.