Natural hyaluronic acid and its benefits

In recent years, hyaluronic acid has become one of the best options to fight against the signs of aging that exist. Its non-invasive value and being 100% Natural stands out.


How does hyaluronic serum work?

Hyaluronic acid acts and works on several fronts, maximizing its capabilities and benefits. In summary, its main actions are:

  • Protects the skin from external aggressions.
  • Stimulates skin regeneration.
  • It forms a film on the skin that does not clog the pores, regulating perspiration and allowing the skin to breathe.
  • It retains water on the surface of the skin so that it does not lose moisture.

    • Rejuvenates skin and reduces wrinkles

    When we apply hyaluronic acid in these areas, thanks to its ability to attract, capture and absorb water, it allows us to smooth wrinkles. It also promotes the regeneration of skin collagen, elasticity and hydration.

    • Create collagen in our skin

    As we have mentioned before, it generates collagen in our skin. This is fundamental and one of its main virtues. Collagen is present in our dermis naturally, and over the years, its generation and presence decreases. Hyaluronic acid, being biocompatible, regenerates said element naturally, providing that fundamental balance such as firmness and elasticity.

    • Reduces skin roughness

    Several studies have shown that the use of hyaluronic acid reduces skin roughness by more than 65%.

    • Protects from irritation

    Creates a protective film on the skin that prevents water evaporation from the skin without clogging pores. This film also acts by protecting from external aggressors ( environmental dryness, sun, dust, pollution ...) thereby reducing skin irritation.


    Depending on your age, hyaluronic acid requirements change, as it faces factors such as genes, your lifestyle, diet and of course, age.

    From 30:

    It is normal that from this age signs of aging begin to be noticed, such as the lighter or deeper marks of some expression lines and the appearance of the first wrinkles. It is time to resort to the benefits of hyaluronic acid, which will help fill in wrinkles and restore your youthful appearance.

    Reaching 40 years:

    Entering this decade, the main problem and point to notice is sagging and loss of skin volume, as well as the reduction of facial contours.

    From 50 years old :

    With the arrival of 50, we encounter basic skin problems: loss of elasticity and deepening of wrinkles.

    In both cases, to solve the problems that appear after 40 and 50 years of age, it is advisable to use a facial day cream with hyaluronic acid , which will correct the effects of aging, hydrating the skin and helping to fill in wrinkles.

    We can summarize that using hyaluronic acid is a success in our fight against aging. We can only recommend one of our star and best-rated products:

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