Is alcohol harmful to our skin?

Alcohol has been used and is a very important ingredient in cosmetics, both so-called "organic" and traditional.

The reason is none other than its proven antimicrobial, antiseptic and conservation qualities.

It is also true that depending on the amount applied and what type of skin we can talk about less healthy effects for our skin.

Let us keep in mind that in an adjusted quantity (depending on whether it is oily, dry or sensitive skin ) it works as a channel so that the active ingredients are better absorbed by our dermis.

However, using a high alcohol content even if you have oily skin and desperately want to eliminate it, has consequences in the medium term since the effect will be reversed . The sebaceous glands will seek to produce excess oil to replace what the skin needs to protect itself.

Let's not forget that alcohol is an ethanol naturally present in components such as menthol, glycerin and even many natural waxes. Therefore, it can be extracted naturally from these ingredients or by fermentation of extracts and plants, cereal grains and cane sugar .

What type of alcohol is the best?

Fatty alcohols.

This is the type of alcohol that is usually beneficial for the skin, they are used to condition it for its hydrating and moisturizing properties. Within cosmetic formulas, it is used to emulsify or thicken them and its texture is pleasant to the skin.

It has the following names:

L glycerin, butylene glycol, cetearyl alcohol (an emulsifier), stearyl alcohol, (an emollient to trap moisture in the skin), cetyl alcohol (product thickener), and propylene alcohol (a humectant to attract water to the skin).

Is using alcohol on my skin good?

Can I apply alcohol to my facial care?

In line with everything previously said, the fact that any of your products contain alcohol in their formulation is not synonymous with being harmful.

What is your skin like? Oily, mixed, dry?

Of course, if your skin is dry or sensitive, we do not recommend that you use products whose main ingredient is alcohol, but if you have oily or combination skin, products with a mild and adequate presence of alcohol can be beneficial.

Do you have questions about our products and if they are suitable for your skin? Contact us and tell us your case. We will gladly advise you, seeking the best for you.

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