L-Carnitine, what is it and how can it help you?

L-carnitine is an organic substance of amine nature. This substance is an essential component in cellular energy metabolism.

Its function is to mediate the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondrial interior. Mitochondria are cellular organelles that are responsible for cellular respiration. In this process they "consume" molecules such as fatty acids and convert them into energy .

Our metabolism is responsible for its generation for its correct functioning.

L Carnitine for the treatment of stretch marks and cellulite

Cellulite, stretch marks and sagging are the main aesthetic problems of the skin.

Cellulite appears when the balance between the elimination –lipolysis– and the storage –lipogenesis– of fats is imbalanced, adipocytes (cells that form adipose tissue) accumulate fat, water and toxins. At the same time, excess glucose hardens collagen fibers, altering the skin's elasticity.

Stretch marks are caused by the breakdown of collagen that forms the supporting tissue of the skin. Recent scientific research shows that a cosmetic product with the active ingredient L-Carnitine can rebuild collagen tissue, thereby repairing scars and stretch marks on the skin. In the same way it acts on sagging skin problems.

L-Carnitine acts on cellulite by accelerating the lipid combustion process, while facilitating the transport of fatty chains, such as triglycerides, to proceed with their elimination and gradually replacing fatty clumps with muscle tissue. It is a great skin conditioner .

What natural products to use to fight cellulite and stretch marks?

Below I present two options that complement each other perfectly:

Anti-cellulite reducer with L-Carnitine and Green Tea

Anti-cellulite body milk

This vegan Body Milk has been formulated with the most powerful fat burners and drainers in the plant kingdom. Contains concentrated extracts of Pineapple, Green Tea, Seaweed, Guarana, Ivy, Lemon and L-Carnitine.

All of them release their powerful action to reduce excess fat, dissolve and then expel it from your body once and for all; since it also prevents the absorption of new fat .

Total anti-stretch mark body oil

Anti-stretch mark body oil

Specially formulated with a vegetable cocktail:

Almonds, Hazelnuts, Rosehip, Jojoba and Avocado

An absolute nutritious combo that provides all the vitamins and amino acids to guarantee the care and elasticity of the skin.

The ideal complement to our anti-cellulite Body Milk.

Remember, in both cases, when you apply it, perform gentle upward circular massages. It will help its absorption and lymphatic drainage and circulation.

And also remember, take care of your diet, do physical exercise and dedicate enough time to loving and taking care of yourself. Don't disconnect from Nature.