The 6 steps for complete and 100% natural facial cosmetic care

A complete facial cosmetic care routine must take into account the particularities of our skin, as well as its age. However, any routine that wants to be complete and effective must cleanse, tone, treat and hydrate the skin .

Our 6-step routine includes:

  1. Cleaning and makeup removal
  2. Toning
  3. Skin treatment. DNA shield
  4. Skin treatment with Serums
  5. Eye and Lip contour treatment
  6. Hydration

Below we explain each of the steps in detail:


Cleaning and makeup removal

CLEANING is the first step in your daily care routine, to eliminate the accumulation of physiological and environmental dirt from the skin . It is necessary to clean your face with cold or warm water (never hot) without soap or detergent substances . To clean and/or remove makeup without altering the balance of the hydrolipid mantle and the natural bacterial flora of the skin ; on all types of skin. Get it with our Samadhi Cleansing Gel , and if you also use it in the shower... you will start the day inspired by positive emotions. Made with gems, minerals and essences that are traditionally used in the East for this purpose!!

Note: Don't forget to remove dead cells (exfoliate), at least once every 2 weeks.



It is the second step of your daily routine, it consists of optimally preparing the skin for the entry of the products of the next steps of perfect care. A good facial toner refines and closes pores, stimulates microcirculation, restores firmness, elasticity and an adequate skin PH level.


The third step of the perfect Golden Pyramide beauty routine. DNA care and expression lines are two factors that do not depend on age or skin type. Therefore, any cosmetic user should know these two factors that affect the health and beauty of the skin.

DNA shield

DNA is the main source of continued regeneration of the epidermis. This regeneration process depends on the DNA not being damaged, either by the passage of time, by the Sun, by unhealthy lifestyle habits or by factors that may be beyond our control. Correcting and preventing damage to the DNA chain is extremely important, because damaged DNA programs the creation of damaged cells; Therefore, if we correct the damage, we stimulate the creation of healthier cells, with their maximum capacity for self-regeneration intact. On the other hand, expression lines are a type of wrinkles resulting from the continued contraction of facial muscles. They are inevitable since they are the result of non-verbal communication and define part of our expressiveness and personality. Over time, they form an indelible and marked groove that many people prefer to hide, with botox-type materials or silicones through aesthetic microinjections; which, little by little, decrease the facial expression of the people who apply them. Golden Pyramide offers you a revolutionary product that softens intractable expression lines without the need for needles and without losing your characteristic expressiveness; indispensable part of your unique personality. At Golden Pyramide we have only one product to treat these two vital factors: the Revolution Elixir . Which is applied thirdly, after the toner and before the serum.


The fourth step of a perfect beauty routine is the application of a Serum. There are serums for all skin needs: dryness, excess oil, spots, wrinkles, etc.


A serum exists because no moisturizing cream is capable of accumulating so much active ingredients and nutrients . Since creams must fulfill other functions such as maintaining hydration and protection of the skin throughout the day; and therefore they must be denser and more superficial than serums.

Therefore, to obtain maximum results*, it is essential to apply a Serum as a previous step to the eye contour and moisturizing cream. With our Serums, you will provide a highly concentrated level of nutrients without saturating the skin.

*Skin with few specific needs, normal or young, does not need serums for perfect care.


Fifth step of your perfect routine:

Eye contour

The first signs of fatigue on the skin are noticeable around the eyes and lips ; the two most powerful elements of facial expression. Bags, dark circles and marked expression lines (at the corners of the lips and those known as "crow's feet"); They are the first visible signs of age or frequent exposure to stress, lack of sleep and fatigue in general .
For this reason, and to show off a young, radiant, rested and healthy complexion; It is essential to perform this fifth step daily . And especially when we suffer from severe fatigue.


The last step and the most basic and indispensable of all. It is necessary to maintain any type of skin with the optimal level of hydration and protection, throughout the day . So that it does not dry out – from dryness imbalances and wrinkles are born – and is protected from external factors that could damage it.

Note: If your skin is going to be exposed to the Sun for more than ten minutes (cumulative), don't forget to use a cream with sun protection or add enough sunscreen to your favorite cream in this last step. Minimum: real factor 15, as in our Miracle Samadhi 22k Gold cream .