Clean, protect and reinforce the energy field with Aura Strong

Today I want to talk to you about two products from the GOLDEN PYRAMIDE LINE OF NATURAL REMEDIES, which have been specially designed and prepared to CLEAN, PROTECT AND REINFORCE PEOPLE'S ENERGY FIELD. I also think that right now more than ever, we need to feel strong and safe so that our Immune System can do its job well.

Its studied and elaborate formulation rich in essential and vegetable oils of HYSSOP, ROSEMARY, LAVENDER, LEMON, TEA TREE, all of them used since ancient times to protect and heal people's bodies and emotions. In addition to all the Bach flowers and mineral essences that protect, reinforce and balance the magnetic fields. They make these products very useful for people, generating in them a feeling of well-being, security and balance.

AURA STRONG MIST : Apply three pumps to the palms of your hands and rub for its protective force. Cleansing and revitalizing can act, immediately leaving hands clean, protected and hydrated. Thus avoiding the damage and problems that are created when using cleansing gels formulated with strong detergents that erode and hurt the skin. Used in spaces, AURA STRONG Spray will clean the environment. Making it purer and fresher.

AURA STRONG DERMOPROTECTIVE EMULSION : This rich, highly moisturizing and protective emulsion can be used to hydrate and protect the skin of the entire body, making a protective barrier that will allow us to feel balanced and harmonious during the day. Improving our performance and general well-being.

Natural and Holistic Cosmetics

Discover how to achieve the best well-being and organic and energetic balance with our cosmetic range. Designed and formulated with medicinal plants, plant essences and minerals. An opportunity for your care by reconnecting in a natural and ecological way with Nature:

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