Guilt is a very low frequency energy, therefore holding it for a long time separates us from our light and our "vital connection" .

When we feel guilty about what happens around us, we begin to enter a spiral of self-blame that prevents us from feeling love towards ourselves and the environment.

By feeling guilty about everything that happens, you only lower your self-esteem, which makes loving yourself very difficult.

Why this feeling of guilt?

The feeling of guilt comes above all from your high demands regarding the situations you experience with your loved ones: work, family, friends... you want to be perfect and be seen as such by those around you. But you often forget that perfection does not exist, much less the idea that your brain has of what that perfect situation should be like. In this way you never meet your expectations, and in the frustration of not reaching the bar that you have set for yourself, or that has been set for you , the "ego" takes over and literally "crushes" you. That yes you should have done it in such and such a way, what are they going to think of you etc etc.

It is a feeling of constant inadequacy that leads you to want to be in control of every situation and constantly think about the future (anxiety) so that what you are going to do meets your unfulfillable expectations.

How to overcome the feeling of guilt?

The work in this sense, as always, is forgiveness and acceptance of yourself , and overcoming this need to dominate the perfect imperfection of the universe. Following the laws of the universe there are no imperfections; only learnings.

Everything happens because it has to happen. In principle you have done nothing wrong, nor anything right. Normally we tend to act at all times to the best of what we can and know how. What we call good are situations to enjoy and what we call bad or mistakes that lead to guilt, are situations to learn.

If you surrender to the laws of the universe and stop believing in imposed, sometimes obsolete, guidelines and norms, the guilt disappears. Because you haven't done anything wrong, if not the best you knew at the time.

Freeing yourself from guilt over imperfection, accepting your weaknesses that make you not be as perfect as you imagine, will help you love yourself more and vibrate higher, making it easier for you to handle situations and truly learn from them.

Remember that we never stop evolving and try to live more in the present, the past brings depression and the future brings anxiety . Therefore, focusing your full attention on what is happening immediately, in the time and place where your body is, frees you from tensions that no longer exist or that have not yet happened and, therefore, do not exist.

Free yourself from that burden by surrendering to the laws of the universe to reduce suffering in situations and live happier. It works for me and I invite you to try it.

And after reading this, if the message resonates with you, also remember not to feel guilty about feeling guilty again. Rome was not built in a day and there are many beliefs to deprogram in this society.

Tell yourself "I release myself" or "I accept" or "I forgive myself" to begin to free yourself from these beliefs and their derived guilt.


I hope this helps you understand and accept blame as something normal, but impractical.

As a final comment, I recommend Bach flowers , such as Pine and Larch , or any combination of flowers that contain them, as they can help you. They are the perfect therapeutic complement to help you cope with this emotion.

A heartfelt hug

Lola Sorribes

Therapist and writer.

Founder of Golden Pyramide.