3 simple steps for total care of your face and eyes

We present a very simple daily routine with which you will achieve highly effective total care of your face and eyes, maintained over time and 100% natural. Besides; You can choose between our 4 high-end facial creams.

1. Hyaluronic Serum

First, apply a facial serum to the face and neck with a light massage until completely absorbed . You will soften your complexion and improve its luminosity.

The Flash Hyaluronic Serum is ideal to combine with Facial Creams and has a spectacular cumulative effect thanks to its 100% vegetable origin. Also, you can rest assured, at Golden Pyramide we are against animal abuse and we only extract our serum from cellulose fibers. It is a more expensive raw material than that from animals, but of higher quality and respect for life.

Why is it important?: From the age of 30, the body reduces the formation of hyaluronic acid. This reduces the moisture retention capacity and the protection of collagen and elastin; moment when the skin begins to degrade and show more notable signs of aging.

2. Face Cream

Secondly, apply the Facial Cream to the face and neck with a light massage and tapping with your fingertips to hydrate and treat the skin.

A good facial cream should keep the skin soft and supple, preventing it from drying out and maintaining its elasticity. Choose the cream that best suits your skin and its treatment needs, taking into account your age and activity. At Golden Pyramide you have 4 High-End Facials so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Moisturize, firm, purify, repair or combat the effects of age ; Whatever your need, we have a cream for you.

Why is it important?: Beyond its specific effects, a facial cream will keep our skin more elastic, soft and luminous, provide hydration and counteract external effects.

3. Energizing Anti-Aging Eye Contour

To finish this simple routine, apply the Eye Contour, distributing it from the tear duct to the temples in one direction . Also massage the temples with circular movements.

In this way you will beautify your look and facial expression, softening expression lines and achieving an extra anti-aging and anti-fatigue effect.

Why is it important?: A special eye contour cream will improve circulation and restore the skin's moisture balance. At the same time, it will strengthen tissues and stimulate microcirculation.

The all-in-one solution

The best way to put this routine into practice is with our Total Face and Look Repair Pack . A best-selling pack that adapts to you because it is composed of Hyaluronic Serum + Eye Contour + Facial Cream to choose from our 4 high-end creams . And, like all our packs, you get it with a 25% discount already applied to the price.

Choose your facial cream, choose your total face and look repair pack

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