Spots on the face are an issue that worries many women today, and whose appearance can be due to innumerable causes, such as the person's own genetics, hormonal situation, stress, diet, excessive exposure to the sun. …

First of all, if spots appear that cause us to suspect that they are not normal, we must go to the dermatologist without fail . It is essential to let yourself fall into the hands of experts to eliminate any type of doubt about the type of stain and its implication on our health.

Now, if these are “harmless” stains, that is, they do not affect our health, but on the other hand, they do affect our appearance, there are a series of solutions that we can apply, both to eliminate them totally or partially and to avoid them.

Let's keep in mind that after the age of 30 it is normal to start showing some of these spots.

How do spots occur on the face?

They occur when skin cells produce pigments in that area at a higher rate, resulting in a darker color.

There are 2 types:

  • The lentigines.
  • It is a pigmentation spot on the skin, benign in principle and of variable size, which can range from that of a freckle to about 4 or 5 cm in diameter. Lentigines have defined edges and a color that can range from red to almost black, but it is common for lentigines to appear in different shades of brown. They appear due to the passage of time, skin aging and sun exposure.

  • The melasma. 
  • It also implies having brown or light brown spots that generally appear on the upper area of ​​the forehead, the area of ​​the cheeks or the area of ​​the upper lip. It occurs more in young or middle-aged women and is important because they are exposed to hormonal effects, such as pregnancy or taking contraceptives.

    Skin spots, especially those that appear on the face, worry 72% of women between 20 and 70 years old. The main reasons for its formation are damage from UV light, hormonal influence and aging.

    Tips to reduce or eliminate spots on the skin naturally.

    We must also clarify that those spots on the skin that are “ from birth ” (reddish or darker) do not respond well to any type of treatment, except under surgery and after a medical diagnosis.

    • Food is a first step, especially for prevention.

    Try to eat a diet that includes foods rich in vitamins A, C and E, such as pepper, pumpkin, spinach or vegetable oils.

    • Also... Vitamin E is fat-soluble, so it won't matter if you cook foods that contain it, although if we heat them in oil they can lose all their vitamin E, that is, eating them raw is the best solution.

    • Aloe Vera soothes skin rashes such as sunburn, improves the appearance of acne, reduces warts and dark pigment spots, and acts as an exfoliant.
    • We can apply the onion directly to the stains and let it act for a few minutes.
    • Parsley has antioxidant compounds that help fight free radicals. It is useful for cleansing the skin of impurities and excess oil.
    • Egg white, cucumber and honey. The mixture of all these ingredients forms a kind of mask that is applied directly to the skin.
    • Milk. Lactic acid works as a natural exfoliant and gives shine and softness to the skin. It is effective in lightening and removing stains. We can apply it directly with a cotton pad.

    Natural cosmetic products to remove stains

    As Natural and Holistic Cosmetics we have several products that are ideal to help you in the task of eliminating and reducing those spots on your skin that bother you so much. Especially those produced by stress, the sun and natural aging.

    Our first suggestion would be:

    DNA Nutrition and Regeneration Pack

    Anti-stain cosmetic product

    Formulated with latest generation active ingredients such as Argireline, marine plankton, plant peptides, hyaluronic acid, provitamins B-5, vitamin C , etc. It is a very complete and revolutionary treatment that regenerates and protects cellular function, treating from the roots and in a spectacular way, all the signs of skin aging, in addition to improving and eradicating all types of skin imperfections, spots, scars, open pores, etc.

    Our next suggestion is without a doubt:

    Energizing Depigmenting Serum

    This depigmenting serum reduces spots due to excess or defect of pigmentation, brightens and homogenizes the tone of the face.

    In addition, it improves cellular oxygenation ; so that the skin breathes better. Therefore, it is also ideal for improving sensitive skin, saturated skin and combination or oily skin.

    Last, but not least, remind you that any aspect of our appearance is directly related to our own well-being, being a direct reflection on our body and skin. Therefore, we encourage you to try to take care of your mood and emotional state, and of course, your stress level.

    Take time for yourself. Don't miss out on your daily routine of personal care and pampering. Turn to Yoga and meditation.

    Your health, your own well-being, is born and created from the inside out.

    Pamper yourself a lot.